10 Point Penting Untuk Perlengkapan Outdoor


The Ten Essentials
(for safety, survival and basic comfort)

1. Navigation
Map (with protective case), Compass, GPS (optional)

2. Sun protection
Sunscreen, Lip balm, Sunglasses, goggles or glacier glasses

3. Insulation
Jacket, vest, pants, gloves, hat (see Clothing)

4. Illumination
Headlamp or flashlight (plus spare), Extra batteries (kept near body when cold)

5. First-aid supplies
First-aid kit (see our First-Aid Checklist)

6. Fire
Matches or lighter, Waterproof container, Fire starter (for emergency survival fire)

7. Repair kit and tools
Knife or multi-tool, Duct tape or other repair items

8. Nutrition
Extra day’s supply of food

9. Hydration
Water bottles or hydration system (insulated), Water treatment system

10. Emergency shelter
Tent, tarp, bivy or reflective blanket

Sumber: https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/mountaineering-checklist.html


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